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Pine Marten Boxes presented to Minister of State Pippa Hackett

On 18 June 2022, as part of Green Foundation Ireland’s Pine Marten Project, our Chairperson DONNA MULLEN presented pine marten boxes to Minister of State at the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine
Senator PIPPA HACKETT and to local farmer JOE ROCHE. Both were delighted to receive them and the Minister gave special thanks to GFI in her speech. Minister Hackett was attending an Open Day hosted by the Ballymoney Community Group in County Wexford.


Educational Module for Transition Year Students

As part of Green Foundation Ireland’s project, “Our Soil Underfoot – Protecting our underground life”, our Researcher CIARAN MONAHAN has developed an Educational Module for Transition Year Students. This module consists of two documents which form a resource for a 6-8 week module on Soils and Soil Stewardship, including a lesson plan and information, definitions and links to web resources.

The module focusses on topics such as sustainability, soil functions and biodiversity, and soil stewardship. The module, which was drawn up on behalf of Green Foundation Ireland in March 2022, is designed to reinforce learning and build presentation skills via the completion of practical experiments, as well as a research presentation project.

You can find out more about this module here


“From Beluga Whales to Steller Sea Lions –
Life and research at the edge of the world”

Thurs 19 May 2022 – 19:00 to 20:00 (Irish time)

By Zoom (log-on details will be issued nearer the time to those who register)

FROM BELUGA WHALES TO STELLER SEA LIONS – Life and research at the edge of the world
Life in the far north is challenging for human and beast. It also creates unique challenges for those who choose to study wildlife in these regions. But it is worth the effort. Professor Greg O’Corry-Crowe and his team have been fortunate enough to spend the last 3 decades working in the Arctic and North Pacific Ocean on marine mammals, much of which has been conducted in partnership with indigenous peoples from the Russian Far East to Alaska and Canada. From remote field camps to genetic labs they’ve tried to unlock many of the mysteries of these incredible animals and their environments.

This work must now quicken its pace if we are to understand how polar and sub-polar ecosystems are to adapt to a rapidly changing world.

Greg is currently Professor at the Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute in Florida Atlantic University. Much of his childhood was spent in the countryside of Kilkenny and, after studying Zoology at University, he was fortunate to get a chance to go to Alaska after his studies. That trip shaped the course of Greg’s career, not just because of the incredible wildlife and epic scenery but also because of the surprisingly familiar story and view on life of the indigenous people.

For over 25 years Greg and his team have conducted studies on beluga whales, Steller sea lions, polar bears, bottlenose dolphins and ice seals, many in partnership with these northern communities. They’ve found a way to harness the promise of genetics and genomics and the access and detail satellite telemetry can provide with the uniquely powerful perspectives and insights indigenous knowledge gives, to build a clear understanding of the natural world as well as a deeper sense of our place in it.

You can check out more details, including how to book, here

Photo: Courtesy of the White Whale Programme


Green Foundation Ireland hosts seminars, workshops and conferences to demonstrate how practical action can create systems change in both education for sustainability, and work towards a green economy and society. We work on local and Island of Ireland projects and with partners in Scotland, England and Wales, and the European mainland.


In association with Green European Foundation, GFI publishes eco literature, both online and hardcopy, and circulates the European Green Journal. The Eco Eye programmes, hosted by GFI’s Director and former Chair Duncan Stewart, are available courtesy of Duncan. All of the above can be found in the Resources Section of our website.

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