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Green Foundation Ireland
is a registered charity which promotes education for sustainability in Ireland


“Is the Ecological Crisis also a Spiritual / Philosophical Crisis?”
Weds 19 Jun 2024 – 19:00 to 21:00 (Irish time)

VENUE: Tailors’ Hall, Back Lane, The Liberties, Dublin, D08 X2A3.

Drawing from many years of experience as a writer, a professor of philosophy and a Zen teacher, David Loy has been focusing primarily on the ecological crisis through his work in Ecodharma. Ecodharma incorporates many traditions in understanding that the climate crisis is also a spiritual / philosophical crisis: a function of our (the human species’) profound separation from the natural world.

Ecodharma offers a way of thinking and a way of living, that works to heal this deep rupture. In order to respond appropriately to the ecological crisis, we must acknowledge its psychological and emotional impact (despair and grief), which will enable us to get beyond denial or passivity and embrace the changes needed, both personal and collective. Ecodharma emphasises the importance of both individual and collective transformation, in addition to technical and scientific solutions.


DAVID LOY is a writer, a retired professor of philosophy, co-founder of the Rocky Mountain Ecodharma Retreat Centre in Colorado, USA, and a Zen teacher in the Sanbo Zen lineage. American ecophilosopher and activist Joanna Macy has described David as a ‘beacon’ in his contributions to environmental issues. And like her Active Hope work, David’s Ecodharma approach embraces cognition, emotion and practical wisdom.

You can check out more details, including how to book, here


Biodiversity Week:
Bat and Bird Box Building
Fri 24 May 2024 – 10:00 onwards (Irish time)

VENUE: Donore National School, Stalleen, Donore, County Meath

PLEASE NOTE: THIS EVENT IS NOW FULLY BOOKED – however, you can avail of our waiting list in the event of extra capacity or a cancellation becoming available by clicking here.

This workshop will be organised by DONNA MULLEN, Chair of Green Foundation Ireland. Donna is a farmer, consultant ecologist, and director of Wildlife Surveys Ireland, with an award-winning farm, awards and placements which include the RDS Sustainable Enterprise Award, the EU Rural Inspiration Award, and the Ellison Award.

You can check out more details here

Biodiversity Week:
A Natural Capital Approach”
Mon 20 May 2024 – 18:00 to 20:00 (Irish time)

VENUE: National College of Ireland, Mayor Street, IFSC, Dublin, D01 K6W2.

This event, which is being held jointly by Green Foundation Ireland and Natural Capital Ireland, will be an opportunity to hear from and engage in discussion with four experts on natural capital. Find out about how the natural capital accounting helps to inform and shape decisions about land use by highlighting the role natural systems play in providing essential services and benefits to society.

The discussion will cover a range of themes including natural capital accounting methodology and decision-support tools for forest managers to valuing the natural resources in our communities in relation to health and wellbeing.


Dr CATHERINE FARRELL, INCASE – Irish Natural Capital Accounting for Sustainable Environments
Dr EMER NÍ DHÚILL, Natural Capital Ireland
Dr JIMMY O’KEEFFE, VNiC-Health – Valuing Natural Capital in Communities for Health

You can check out more details, including how to book, here

Biodiversity Week:
Kingfisher Project
Sat 18 AND Sun 19 May 2024 – 10:00 to 14:00 (Irish time)

VENUE: Blarney Park Allotments, Kimmage, Dublin, D12 W8C8.

The Kingfisher Project is repurposing and transforming public lands at Blarney Park Allotments on the banks of the River Poddle at Kimmage in Dublin into a community knowledge, awareness and educational resource to address our relationship with the natural world and to build community capacity and resilience to cope with the consequences of human induced climate change and the loss of biodiversity.

The Kingfisher Project is a catalyst for attitudinal, behavioural and consumption pattern change that centres on enriching individual households and the urban environment through knowledge, awareness and interaction with nature and the community action it inspires.

Discover more about the project and about what we can do to help bring nature back into our towns and cities.

This event is organised and hosted by the Kingfisher Project, in association with the Harold’s Cross Festival (Harold’s Cross Village Community Council) and Green Foundation Ireland.

PLEASE NOTE: There is no need to book for this event – you can just turn up.

You can check out more details here

“Let’s Get R-Eel: A Talk About Eels”
Thurs 16 May 2024 – 19:00 (Irish time)

VENUE: Bailieborough Library, Market House, Bailieborough, County Cavan, A82 RH73.

The European eel is classified as critically endangered in the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species. European eels spawn in the Sargasso Sea, and after hatching as larval eels, they drift on the Gulf Stream ocean current until they reach the Atlantic coasts of Europe and transform into glass eels. Sadly, the number of young eels reaching our waters has declined over the past 30 years and amounts to as little as 8% of what was present during the 1970s.


ROB CRUIKSHANKS is a member of the National Eel Monitoring Programme with Inland Fisheries Ireland. This programme, which began in 2009 to monitor the population of European eel in Ireland’s rivers, lakes and estuaries, was created in response to European legislation that required member states to develop an eel management plan and to establish measures for eel stock recovery.

While measures to promote eel stock recovery included the suspension of commercial eel fishing, overfishing was not the only reason for their decline. Other factors include water pollution, habitat loss, climate change, barriers to migration, parasites and diseases. The Eel Monitoring Programme monitors eel stocks and examines the potential causes for their decline.

You can check out more details, including how to book, here

Silver Eel on River Barrow

“CAP AND SHARE: A Just and Constructive Fossil Fuel Phase-Out”
Thurs 18 Apr 2024 – 12:30 (Irish time)

By Zoom

During this talk, Caroline Whyte of Feasta presents a new discussion paper on the potential for Cap and Share to help us achieve our climate targets, while also contributing significantly to global climate justice and bringing about a more balanced global economy. We will explore the potential of forming Global North-Global South partnerships between groups of countries.


CAROLINE WHYTE has been involved with Feasta since 2002. She studied ecological economics at Mälardalen University in Sweden, writing a masters thesis on the relationship between central banking and sustainability. She contributed to Feasta’s books Fleeing Vesuvius and Sharing for Survival. Along with four other Feasta climate group members, she helped to launch the CapGlobalCarbon initiative at the COP-21 summit in Paris in December 2015.

An active member of Feasta’s currency group, Caroline is also a steering group member of the Wellbeing Economy Hub for Ireland, the Environmental Pillar, and Stop Climate Chaos Ireland, and is one of three Pillar members of the Irish National Economic and Social Council (NESC).

You can check out more details, including how to book, here

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Code Red

Code Red is a climate change podcast from the Centre for Climate and Society at Dublin City University. The Code Red series looks at how the worlds of policy, politics, the media, the arts, and other sectors have responded to climate breakdown and biodiversity loss. Code Red features an interesting and diverse mix of guests from academia, policy, the cultural industries and civil society.

You can listen to the Code Red Podcast Series here


Awarded to: Duncan Stewart and Greta Thunberg

On 21 June 2023, two environmental activists – DUNCAN STEWART and GRETA THUNBERG – were awarded the Honorary Freedom of the City of Dublin, the highest honour that can be bestowed by Dublin City.

Duncan, a director and former chair of Green Foundation Ireland, has been a leading Irish advocate for environmental issues for over 40 years. A champion for environmental issues, sustainable energy and architectural conservation since his student days, for the past two decades Duncan has also been a popular television personality in Ireland. Duncan’s Eco Eye series was driven by his interests in the protection of Ireland’s environment and enhancement of biodiversity. It was Ireland’s longest running environmental series and one of the most popular shows on Irish television – there were twenty-one series in total and all available episodes can be found on our website, courtesy of Duncan.

Greta, from Sweden, is the world’s most prominent global climate campaigner of our time. She has worked to address the problem of climate change and, at the age of 15 in 2018, founded the movement known as Fridays for Future (also called School Strike for Climate), which gained worldwide attention and inspired school students across the globe to participate.

You can view our video here


Submission by Green Foundation Ireland

In September 2022 Green Foundation Ireland made a submission to the Citizens’ Assembly on the topic “How the State can improve its response to the issue of biodiversity loss”.

The Citizens’ Assembly is a body comprising the Chairperson and 99 citizens, randomly selected to be broadly representative of the Irish electorate, established to consider some of the most important issues facing Ireland’s future.

We would like to thank COLIN STAFFORD-JOHNSON and FIONN KEELEY for allowing us to use their videos as part of our submission.

You can read our submission here


Green Foundation Ireland hosts seminars, workshops and conferences to demonstrate how practical action can create systems change in both education for sustainability, and work towards a green economy and society. We work on local and Island of Ireland projects and with partners in Scotland, England and Wales, and the European mainland.


In association with Green European Foundation, GFI publishes eco literature, both online and hardcopy, and circulates the European Green Journal. All available episodes of the Eco Eye programmes, hosted by GFI’s Director and former Chair Duncan Stewart, are available courtesy of Duncan. All of the above can be found in the Resources Section of our website.

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Green Foundation Ireland


GFI has a vision of ecology that values the life of all creatures on our planetary home and is embodied in practical action for a sustainable life for all.

We encourage participation by people and communities in finding practical local responses to intractable problems.

We tell stories of resilience and change in the face of adversity, based on good science and community action.


GFI is a member of the Irish Environmental
GFI is a member of the Environmental Pillar –
GFI is affiliated to the Green European


GFI thanks the Department of the Environment, Climate and Communications for the funding it receives through the Irish Environmental Network.

GFI also acknowledges the support of the European Parliament through funding for projects agreed with Green European Foundation.