About GFI

Green Foundation Ireland aims to create an awareness of the importance of an ecological and sustainable Ireland through education and community projects. GFI’s priorities and projects are determined by our Board of Directors and are independent of other organisations.

We are affiliated to the Green European Foundation, through which GFI is networked to other Green foundations throughout Europe who work for a sustainable Europe. GFI is also a member of the Irish Environment Network and of the Environmental Pillar.


Green Foundation Ireland, a company limited by guarantee and not having a share capital, is a registered charity (Charity Number: CHY 21114) having been granted charitable status by the Irish Revenue Commissioners. We are also registered with the Charities Regulator and our Registered Charity Number (RCN) is 2010 9042 – see here for our listing in the Charities Register. GFI’s decision-making body consists of a Board of Directors, which currently comprises John Barry, Joan Campbell, Claire Downey, Brendan Hanifin (Company Secretary), Eileen McDermott, Donna Mullen (Chair), Martin Nolan, and Duncan Stewart.

GFI organises and carries out its work of creating a sustainable Ireland through its Management Team consisting of Nuala Ahern (Publications Editor), Ciaran Monahan (Researcher), Stiofán Nutty (Director of Education), Ann O’Conarain (Administrator), and Tommy Simpson (Projects Co-Ordinator). The members of the Board of Directors and the Management Team volunteer their time and commitment to furthering the vision of GFI of a sustainable Ireland.

GFI’s Management Team works with its Administrator Ann O’Conarain to organise and run GFI events, to maintain best practice corporate governance and to keep the Board of Directors informed and engaged with all aspects of GFI’s work. The GFI Management Team is augmented by its Chair Donna Mullen and by other Board members for specific projects and events.


GFI operates through specific events and projects for which it seeks funding from appropriate sources. Please click here to visit our Events Page and our Projects Page.


Our audited financial statements are available for the following years – 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013 and 2012.


We have produced annual reports for the following years – 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013 and 2012.


Funding is project specific, with projects being selected by the Board and approved on merit. Individuals and organisations may apply to GFI to approve their projects and have them forwarded by GFI to appropriate funding organisations.


To achieve our goals we seek strategic partnerships with other organisations who share our values.

Our current partner is Green European Foundation (GEF).


We welcome volunteers or donors to GFI or to specific projects, and we plan to hold specific events for such Friends of GFI.