ECO EYE SERIES 13 (2015)

Watch all available online episodes for Eco Eye Series 13 here.


EP1: ‘The Cold Face’

With 2014 having been confirmed as the hottest year ever recorded, it seemed fitting to launch Eco Eye, series 13 with an episode on climate change.

EP2: ‘The Price of Nature’

Our new presenter Anja Murray travels Irelands bogs and wetlands in her investigation into the value of nature and its eco systems. Along the way she speaks to experts such as Liam Lysaght and uncovers some surprising facts about the real value of our natural environment.

EP3: ‘Forestry’

In this episode Duncan Stewart investigates the economic implications of Irish forestry, and discovers that forestry and forest products could be an area of major economic growth in the coming years if we played our cards right. We just need the right smart policies in place to make that happen