ECO EYE SERIES 14 (2016)

In January 2016, Eco Eye returned for its 14th series in a new harder-hitting documentary series format. Duncan is joined by Ecologist Anja Murray and our newest host, award-winning Science communicator Dr Lara Dungan. Throughout the series they will investigate Ireland’s major environmental issues and why these issues are critically important to public health, the economy and the quality of our lives.

Watch all 10 episodes of Eco Eye 14 here

EP1: ‘Changing Nature’

In this episode Ecologist Anja Murray explores our impact on the ocean and its inhabitants, from the sea’s smallest component plankton to its largest, the whale, along with the invaluable ecosystem services they provide.

EP2: ‘Global Community’

In this episode Duncan Stewart goes on a journey to find out how the global agreement in Paris to fight climate change will affect everything we do in the future and what this really means for us in Ireland.

EP3: ‘The Story of Stuff’

In this episode Duncan will explore the economic, environmental and social benefits of using our invaluable resources wisely and visit the businesses and initiatives being born out of the concept of rethinking waste and explore how far we can go with this new story of stuff.

EP4: ‘Healthy Environment’

Dr Lara Dungan will explore how all these factors affect our health, and discover what we can do to protect ourselves and our children from everyday environmental pollution.

EP5: ‘Rethinking Forestry’

Duncan and Anja explore what the solutions are for the contest for Ireland’s land and what different types of forestry can offer. Together they will explore what is the future for forestry in Ireland and how that can benefit the environment, employment and the economy.

EP6: ‘The Future of Energy’

Science communicator Dr Lara Dungan will take a closer look at the technologies that could enable us to live in a world of no fossil fuels and no pollution and while allowing us to grow our economy and improve our lifestyles.

From futuristic electric cars, ocean energy, new solar panels and homes of the future, Lara will explore cutter-edge technologies that could help us power our future economy and give us hope for a better, brighter future. 

EP7: ‘Sustainable Food’

This episode will ask if Ireland is on the right track with their agriculture policy, and if Irish farmers should be considering a new approach for civilisation’s oldest industry.

EP8: ‘Road to Zero Carbon’

While this challenge seems very ambitious, Duncan Stewart takes a journey to Denmark, who aim to transition to a fossil fuel free, 100% renewable energy future by 2050.

Duncan will see what we can learn from our European neighbours and will discover what this transition would really mean for Ireland.

EP9: ‘And the River Runs Through it’

Anja Murray will look at the Blackwater River as a microcosm of many of Ireland’s water catchments and explore some of the issues affecting rivers and communities throughout the country. She will follow the water from source to sea, looking at the impacts on the river and the people that rely on it

EP10: ‘Redefining Communities’

On his journey Duncan learns from the leaders and innovators in each community about why sustainability is important to them and how they have managed to achieve their ambitious goals. He will also see the top-down effect of sustainability and green initiatives and how these benefit and influence the communities they serve.