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ECO EYE SERIES 17 (2019)

Eco Eye’s 17th series began in January 2019 with an episode focusing on Pollinators. Over the course of three months, 9 more episodes followed examining climate change, waste & recycling, deep energy retrofits, Ireland’s beaches and salmon migration. All 10 episodes are available in full HD here with no ad breaks.

EP1: ‘Plight of the Bumblebee’

Ecologist Anja Murray meets with scientists and citizens scientists to try and understand why pollinator numbers including wild Irish bees are falling so rapidly.

EP2: ‘Want an “A” rated home? Get a deep energy retrofit’

In this episode, Duncan meets new homeowners who want to retrofit their homes with the latest in energy saving technology. By cutting their emissions, these families are also cutting their bills. For an E rating (3 bed semi ) to go to an A rating saves an average of €2,000-2250 a year!! For an F rated (3 bed semi) to go to an A rating saves an average of €2250- 3,000 every year!!

EP3: ‘The True cost of our Waste’

Episode 3: Dr Lara Dungan investigates the true cost of waste in Ireland and the people and companies trying to move away from plastics and keep Ireland green.

EP4: ‘Is it too late to save Ireland’s precious Peatlands?’

Ecologist Anja Murray follows a new generation of young people trying to save Ireland’s peatlands. From 15 moth expert Tim Sullivan to three young scientists from the midlands, all want to protect our bogs and pass on a better legacy than the one that was left to them.

EP5: ‘Climate Change & Ireland’s Citizen’s Assembly’

Despite, the Paris agreement and government promises, Ireland’s emissions are rising rapidly. A recent citizens assembly called for greater action including carbon taxes but nothing has changed. So why are countries like Scotland succeeding where Ireland is failing so badly? Dr Lara Dungan meets members of the citizens assembly to find out what they are asking for and travels to Scotland to see what they are doing and what we can learn from them.

EP6: ‘Coastal Squeeze, Superbugs and Blue Health- Irelands coastline’

Ecologist Anja Murray and Dr. Lara Dungan explore Ireland’s coastline. Anja meets a conservation group in the Maharees desperately trying to save their community from coastal erosion. Lara meanwhile is investigating #bluehealth but also stumbles on a frightening superbug found on a beach in one of Irelands most iconic tourist towns.

EP7: ‘Barriers to Fish migration’

Ecologist Anja Murray investigates the man made barriers to fish migration in Ireland. On rivers like the Nore, the legendary Salmon has to face 500 barriers before reaching its spawning grounds, whereas on Ireland’s biggest river the Shannon, wild salmon are almost extinct.

EP8: ‘Sea Level Rise, Increasing storm frequency & size. Can Cork be defended from climate change?’

Cork City is one of the most vulnerable places in Ireland to sea level rise and flooding from the river Lee. As the state announced €1bn in flood defences nationally, the biggest project is the one designed to defend Cork city. But does this plan go far enough and does Cork need a tidal barrier to defend it from rising seas? Duncan Stewart traveled to Cork and spent a week speaking to the arguments for and against the proposed OPW plans and the opposing plan for a tidal barrier.

‘EP9: ‘Grass4Gas -Is Ireland about to finally embrace Anaerobic digestion’

Duncan Stewart investigates the viability and environmental impacts of biogas. As the first injection point for biogas is being launched, Duncan meets the entrepreneurs and farmers who are willing to take a chance on biomethane to becomes energy farmers.

EP10: ‘Time to go Electric?’

Dr Lara Dungan explores the latest in electric cars and battery technology. But will the rapid growth in the range of electric vehicles be enough to get Lara over her ‘range anxiety’?