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Watch all 10 episodes of Eco Eye 8 here

EP1: Part 1 ‘Biodiversity: Protecting our Birds of Prey’

In this item Eco Eye investigates our native birds of prey and how through persecution they have been driven to near extinction. Eco Eye visits projects & people around the country who are committed to reintroducing these magnificent birds to their native skies.

EP1, part 2: ‘Eco Tourism; The Sheeps Head Region’

Eco Tourism; The Sheeps Head Region In this Eco Tourism item, Tania traveled to the beautiful Sheep’s Head region in West Cork to find out what attractive & environmentally tourist activities are available there to visitors. Tania samples sustainable activities like walking holidays that witness the beautiful sights and flora & fauna on offer as well as enjoying a fascinating whale watching experience.

EP1, part 3: ‘Young Environmentalists’

This item featured on some of the inspiring work being carried out by young environmental groups throughout the country. We met dedicated young people from Clare and Dublin who are committed to improving their local environment & biodiversity.

EP3, part 1: ‘Biodiversity: Invasive Species’

Non-native alien species are increasingly having a detrimental affect on our native Irish plants, animals and fishlife. Eco Eye asks where these strange and unusual species came from and why they are costing us millions each year in extermination. Duncan also visits success stories such as in Lough Corrib where the battle is slowly being won against the invasive but deadly Lagorasiphon Major. See our Full-Length Episodes at

EP3, part 2: ‘Eco Tourism: Saltee Islands’

Tania visits Waterford’s fishing village, Kilmore Quay and takes a boat journey to one of the world’s major bird sanctuaries. Here we also meet Tony Murray from National Parks & Wildlife who is researching the local Grey Seal Colony.

EP3, part 3: ‘Cycling & Transport ‘

In Ireland our dependency on the car has caused a rapid decline in the numbers of people cycling to work and school. Eco Eye explores the reasons behind this and Duncan tackles the obstacles and difficulties faced by cyclists in their daily commute.

EP4: ‘Sustainable communities’

Eco Eye visits sustainable communities in Austria and Ireland.

EP5, part 2: ‘Eco Tourism: North West’

Tania visits Donegal to witness the famously beautiful glacially carved landscape. Starting at the highest cliffs in Europe at Slieve League Tania hears from locals how cultural & sustainable tourism is replacing fishing as the main economic support to Donegal. To see full length episodes, go to

EP5, part 3: ‘Research & STRIVE’

Eco Eye investigates the valuable research work of the Environmental Protection Agency. Duncan visits Galway where academics there are coming up with new and exciting ways of converting waste into energy as well as tackling the need in small towns for sustainable waste water treatment. To see full length episodes, go to

EP9, part 1: ‘Wind Energy’

In this episode Duncan asks why we are not availing if the free and renewable energy that is all around us — Wind. Duncan meets a farmer who has successfully harnessed this clean & renewable energy for use on his farm. To see full length episodes, go to

EP9, part 2: ‘The Shannon Waterway ‘

Tania travels the ancient Shannon highway to Clonmacnoise where she meets underwater archaeologist Niall Brady who excavated the earliest known bridge found in Ireland. We also witness the varied wildlife & biodiversity on the Shannon & look at the quality of the water within the River. To see full length episodes, go to

EP9, part 3: ‘Packaging Waste’

In this programme, Duncan looks at the vast overpackaging of goods on our supermarket shelves today, and the unnecessary amounts of plastic and other materials we throw away on a daily basis. Eco Eye also investigates what is happening in the area of alternative packaging materials & asks is there a future for plastic? To see full length episodes, go to