Eco Eye

Ireland’s longest running environmental series is now in production for its 18th season. One of the most popular television shows on Irish television and for over 100 episodes, Eco Eye examines environmental issues both at home and abroad.

Hosted by architect and environmentalist Duncan Stewart, ecologist Anja Murray and Dr Lara Dungan, this Irish series casts an eye over all aspects of the Irish and broader environment.

Climate Change, Biodiversity, Natural Capital, the Circular Economy are some of the recurring themes, but the show also deals with a variety of topics revolving around our interaction as people with our natural surroundings.

Eco Eye Series 18 (2020)

Eco Eye Series 17 (2019)

Eco Eye Series 16 (2018)

Eco Eye Series 15 (2017)

Eco Eye Series 14 (2016)

Eco Eye Series 13 (2015)

Eco Eye Series 12 (2014)

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