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European Citizens’ Initiative Pocket Guide

By Wed 24 Apr 2013August 10th, 2017Publications
Image of Europena citizens initative pocket guide cover

European Citizens’ Initiative Pocket Guide is published by the Green European Foundation
The Green European Foundation presents its new publication on the European Citizens’ Initiative, a complete user manual to this first transnational tool in modern direct democracy. The publication is authored by Bruno Kaufmann, president of Initiative and Referendum Institute Europe.

The European Citizens’ Initiative gives citizens the right to set the agenda of the European Union and establishes a truly multifunctional means of providing checks and balances for what happens in the EU. This Pocket Guide offers readers the knowledge and insights necessary to make effective use of this new instrument.

How to use this Pocket Guide?
The Pocket Guide is divided in 3 sections that address the following questions respectively: How can you use the ECI? What are the requirements you have to fulfill to successfully complete an ECI? Where can you find assistance for your ECI?

The ECI KEYCHAIN helps organiser identify the most suitable approach to an ECI. It details on the various goals that an ECI can serve, such introducing new ideas on the European legislative agenda, stopping existing legislation or acting as a platform that mediates between different legislative approaches.

The ECI PATHFINDER is a manual to assist ECI organisers or potential signatories to find their way through the often lengthy and sometimes cumbersome procedure of an initiative. The manual develops on the 10 step approach to a European Citizens’ Initiative, already detailed in GEF’s earlier publications: The European Citizens’ Initiative Handbook and the flyer 10 Steps to the European Citizens’ Initiative.

The ECI RESOURCE CENTRE provides a wealth of details on the constitutional foundations, legal statutes and procedural regulations of the ECI.

Published by Green European Foundation