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Manual for Europe – 2nd edition

By Fri 27 Apr 2012August 10th, 2017Publications
Front cover of the publication "Manual for Europe"

Following the success of the first edition of GEF’s “Manual for Europe”, we have launched our second, updated version which includes new chapters on Common Foreign and Security Policy, the Eurozone crisis and the European Court of Justice. The manual is available to download, or you can order your free copy by emailing
Copyright Creative Common: Niccolo Caranti

Why a manual for Europe?

GEF’s mission is to foster greater involvement by citizens in the European Union’s political system, and to create an active political space to discuss major issues confronting the Union. A barrier to this is the perception of the EU as a complex institution, which is hard for citizens for interact with.

This book aims to explain to readers in an easy to read format how the EU operates: what the different institutions do, how decisions are made, how EU law is enforced and how the EU is funded. It also includes useful information for Green activists such as a section on the European Green movement and a section on different NGO and lobby organisations that interact with the EU.

It is hoped that this publication will inspire Green activists to engage with the European Union and work with colleagues across borders to create a fairer, more sustainable Europe.
Order your free copy

A limited number of copies are available free to order by emailing with your name, address and the name of any Green organisation that you are associated with.