Board of Directors

John Barry

John Barry is Professor of Green Political Economy at the School of History, Anthropology, Philosophy and Politics in Queen’s University Belfast. He has a BA and MA from University College Dublin and a PhD from the University of Glasgow. His areas of research include green political economy and green economics; economic practices and sustainability, normative aspects of sustainable development; governance for sustainable development; the greening of citizenship and civic republicanism; green politics in Ireland, North and South; the Transition Movement; the politics, ethics and economics of peak oil and climate change; the governance of science and innovation; the link between academic knowledge, political activism and policy making; trust, legitimacy and public policy; citizenship, public policy and governance; post-conflict politics and political economy in Northern Ireland and theories and practices of reconciliation in Northern Ireland.

John is a founding member of two think tanks, the Centre for Progressive Economics and Green House, and is also a founding member of Holywood Transition Town and the ‘Holywood Buy Local’ campaign. He is a keen cyclist, indifferent cook, frequently absent from his family and a passionate believer in the ability of people to initiate social transformation.

Joan Campbell

Joan Campbell studied English at Trinity College Dublin. She then trained to qualify as a solicitor and practised as a solicitor until 1993. In 1994 she was admitted to practise as a barrister.

Joan has been active in the green movement since 2011.

Claire Downey

Board of Directors GFI Green Foundation Ireland

Claire Downey is the National Network Co-Ordinator with Community Reuse Network Ireland (CRNI), an all-Ireland umbrella body funded by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that represents community based organisations involved in reuse and recycling. In this role she is responsible for the promotion of reuse, support for members to overcome barriers to reuse, communication and policy input, networking and research.

Claire holds a Bachelor of Engineering (first class honours) degree and has over twelve years of experience in the waste sector. She is deeply committed to waste prevention and reuse, demonstrated through work on co-ordinating Repair Café Ireland and as a board member (as company secretary) of Sonairte – The National Ecology Centre for over eight years. She is a member of the Chartered Institute of Waste Management in Ireland and sits on the Centre Council for the Republic of Ireland Centre.

Brendan Hanifin

Board of Director GFI Green Foundation Ireland

Company Secretary of Green Foundation Ireland, Brendan Hanifin is a solicitor practising in Dublin. He has been involved in local community initiatives in the West Dublin area over the years, notably the establishment of a second-level school and the building of a theatre in his local area.

Brendan describes himself as somebody who has been slow to embrace green ideas fully in the past. He has an interest in the science surrounding environmental issues such a climate change and likes to retain a freedom to interrogate the different sides to those issues without being defined by an ideology. This usually leads to longer meetings for his colleagues without any significantly improved results!

Board of Directors GFI Green Foundation Ireland

Eileen McDermott (BA Hons ECCE, European Masters in Early Childhood Education) is a teacher of Early Childhood Education studies.

She is a long term activist in the green movement with a particular interest in education issues.

Donna Mullen

Board of Directors GFI Green Foundation Ireland

Chair of Green Foundation Ireland, Donna Mullen is an environmentalist and works as an ecologist, drawing up nature trails and sustainability plans. Her work involves spending many happy hours surveying buildings for bats, and she helped draw up the guidelines on bat surveys for the Heritage Council (Traditional Farm Building Scheme). She is a founder member of both Bat Conservation Ireland and the Irish Environmental Network, and has also served on the board of the Irish Wildlife Trust.

She has a keen interest in environmental law and co-ordinates the campaign to have the environment protected under the Irish Constitution.

Donna lives on a farm nature reserve in County Meath with her husband, four children, and an assortment of animals.

Martin Nolan

Board of Directors GFI Green Foundation Ireland

Martin Nolan is a chartered accountant and a Financial Reporting Specialist, having previously been Head of the Department of Accountancy and Professional Studies at the Institute of Technology Tallaght in Dublin. He has extensive business experience which includes 15 years at management level in PwC and Deloitte. He is an experienced lecturer in Audit and Assurance and International Financial Reporting, and has co-authored a leading Irish textbook External Auditing and Assurance.

Martin has been involved in green issues since 1988. He is also involved on a voluntary basis with five registered Irish charities.

Duncan Stewart

Board of Directors GFI Green Foundation Ireland

Former Chair of Green Foundation Ireland, Duncan Stewart (who is an award-winning architect and television producer) has been a leading Irish advocate for environmental issues for over 40 years. A champion for environmental issues, sustainable energy and architectural conservation since his student days, for the past two decades Duncan has also been a popular television personality in Ireland.

Duncan’s Eco Eye series is driven by his interests in the protection of Ireland’s environment and enhancement of biodiversity. It is Ireland’s longest running environmental series and one of the most popular shows on Irish television – there have been eighteen series so far and all can be viewed in the Eco Eye section of our Audio & Video page.

A firm believer in the power of local community co-operatives, Duncan actively engages with the ‘Get Involved’ sustainable community initiative, which promotes local, voluntary, community-led projects nationwide. This ‘bottom up’ movement sets out to inspire and enable innovative local collaborative enterprises to flourish, which stimulate rewarding new livelihoods in sustainable energy, local food produce, biodiversity enhancement, water catchment protection and eco-tourism.

Duncan is also passionately concerned about Climate Change – in particular, the urgency to inform and engage Irish people in weaning off the use of fossil fuel for energy and other sources of greenhouse emissions and in switching to sustainable solutions.