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Mapping the Green Transformation

By Tue 15 Jul 2014August 10th, 2017Publications

GEF has published a special print edition of the Green European Journal, which maps four debates key to the future of Europe. These four debates are gateways to penetrating the transnational complexity of the green debate, interconnecting national public spaces where debates on the fundamental issues for our future are still being carried out.

The first print edition of the Green European Journal is an exciting development for this project that was launched 18 months ago. This edition focuses on four key debates the that Journal has identified as being crucial to the future of Europe: federalism, sustainability, solidarity and hospitality.

Sixteen authors have contributed to this edition. Each of them gave their view on one of the four selected themes. They are not completely representative of European diversity or their national contexts. However, together they constitute a good sample of the internal wealth of the European green movement.

Download the publication here.