Duncan Stewart

Board of Directors GFI Green Foundation Ireland

Former Chair and Director of Green Foundation Ireland, Duncan Stewart (who is an award-winning architect and television producer) has been a leading Irish advocate for environmental issues for over 40 years. A champion for environmental issues, sustainable energy and architectural conservation since his student days, for the past two decades Duncan has also been a popular television personality in Ireland.

Duncan’s Eco Eye series was driven by his interests in the protection of Ireland’s environment and enhancement of biodiversity. It was Ireland’s longest running environmental series and one of the most popular shows on Irish television – there were twenty-one series in total and all available episodes can be viewed in the Eco Eye section of our Resources page.

A firm believer in the power of local community co-operatives, Duncan actively engages with the ‘Get Involved’ sustainable community initiative, which promotes local, voluntary, community-led projects nationwide. This ‘bottom up’ movement sets out to inspire and enable innovative local collaborative enterprises to flourish, which stimulate rewarding new livelihoods in sustainable energy, local food produce, biodiversity enhancement, water catchment protection and eco-tourism.

Duncan is also passionately concerned about Climate Change – in particular, the urgency to inform and engage Irish people in weaning off the use of fossil fuel for energy and other sources of greenhouse emissions and in switching to sustainable solutions.

On 21 June 2023 Duncan, along with Greta Thunberg, was awarded the Honorary Freedom of the City of Dublin, the highest honour that can be bestowed by Dublin City. You can view a video of the ceremony here.