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Plastic Free July / Mí Iúil gan Phlaisteach
Jul 2020 – Interview

By Thu 20 Aug 2020February 10th, 2021Audio & Video

Every year the ‘Plastic Free July’ campaign takes place around the world, a campaign that encourages people to try to use fewer plastics for the benefit of the environment.

Meon Eile spoke, as Gaeilge, with Stiofán Nutty from Green Foundation Ireland, who gave tips on reducing the amount of pollution in the world, and advice on the little things we can do ourselves to help.

We know that we are damaging the planet and that plastic is a significant part of that. During the intense locking there were many images of clear skies all over the globe but already the pollution is accumulating again as people return to their old ways. We all need to change our attitudes and take care of this world before it’s too late.

You can check out the interview here.

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More information about Plastic Free July is available here.