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Roma and Traveller Inclusion in Europe. Green Questions and Answers

By Fri 27 Apr 2012August 10th, 2017Publications
Front cover of a report on Roma and Traveler Inclusion

This publication, developed by the Green European Foundation with support of the Finnish Green Cultural and Educational Centre “Visio”, is a first step by the two organisations in mapping the various problems Roma communities in Europe are facing and showcasing several initiatives that have successfully tackled the causes and effects of these problems. The book benefits from contributions of both renowned experts in the Roma rights field, as well as of prominent Green politicians and activists working on the topic.

The book deals with questions related to Roma inclusion from a local, national and European perspective. In doing so, it identifies six key areas that need policy making attention: living conditions, housing and health; employment; education; culture and language; racism and extremist aggression; and migration. For each of these topics, several good practices and solutions that make concrete steps towards greater inclusion are presented. When showcasing those good practices, we also point to those who have implemented them, in the hope to network these initiatives.

If multiplied, small steps in a good direction as those indicated in this publication could ultimately lead to a long lasting solution to the current precarious situation of the European Roma. We hope you can take inspiration from these examples into your work!

View our publication here.