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Educational Module for Transition Year Students
by Ciaran Monahan
March 2022

By Fri 1 Apr 2022March 9th, 2023EDUCATION for SUSTAINABILITY, Projects

As part of Green Foundation Ireland’s project, “Our Soil Underfoot – Protecting our underground life”, our Researcher CIARAN MONAHAN has developed an Educational Module for Transition Year Students. This module consists of two documents which form a resource for a 6-8 week module on Soils and Soil Stewardship, including a lesson plan and information, definitions and links to web resources.

The module focusses on topics such as sustainability, soil functions and biodiversity, and soil stewardship. The module, which was drawn up on behalf of Green Foundation Ireland in March 2022, is designed to reinforce learning and build presentation skills via the completion of practical experiments, as well as a research presentation project.

You can read the Lesson Plan here:
and the Teacher’s Resource here: