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“How the State can improve its response to
the issue of biodiversity loss”

In September 2022 Green Foundation Ireland made a submission to the Citizens’ Assembly on the topic “How the State can improve its response to the issue of biodiversity loss”.

The Citizens’ Assembly is a body comprising the Chairperson and 99 citizens, randomly selected to be broadly representative of the Irish electorate, established to consider some of the most important issues facing Ireland’s future.

The Citizens’ Assembly is an exercise in deliberative democracy, placing the citizen at the heart of important legal and policy issues facing Irish society today. With the benefit of expert, impartial and factual advice the 100 citizen members will consider various topics, and any other matters that may be referred to them. Their conclusions will form the basis of a number of reports and recommendations that will be submitted to the Houses of the Oireachtas for further debate by our elected representatives.

We would like to thank Colin Stafford-Johnson for his contribution and Fionn Keeley for producing “Blinded by the Light – Protecting Ireland’s Skies”, and both for allowing us to use these as part of our submission. You can view both in our Audio and Video section here.