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THE IRISH CONSTITUTION – Should it be amended to include Protection for the Environment?

12 Mar 2014

By Wed 12 Mar 2014April 9th, 2020Active Citizenship, Events

This event is now over.

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Event Details


Wednesday 12 March 2014
The Mansion House, Dawson Street, Dublin 2.

GREEN FOUNDATION IRELAND held a morning Seminar, from 10:30am until 1:30pm, entitled “THE IRISH CONSTITUTION: Should it be amended to include Protection for the Environment?”. Registration started at 10:15am.

While admission is FREE to this event, registration is REQUIRED.

The Seminar asked what would Constitutional Protection for the Environment say about our values as a society; what message would it send from us, the people, to our law-makers; to those that govern us?

Event Programme



Senator Ivana Bacik

(Reid Professor at Trinity College Dublin).

Dr. Matthew Jebb

(Director of the National Botanic Gardens).

Conor Linehan

(Head of Environment and Planning Group at William Fry, Solicitors).

Donna Mullen

(Director of the Irish Environmental Network).

Dr. Roderic O’Gorman

(Department of Law and Government at Dublin City University).

Sharon Turner

(Head of Energy and Climate Programme at ClientEarth, and Visiting Professor at University College London and at the University of Sussex).


They addressed the following issues:

  • Why amend the Irish Constitution to include protection for the environment?
  • What do the Constitutions in other Nation States say about the environment?
  • What are the objectives, principles and policies on the environment set out in EU law and EU Treaties?
  • Can we protect the environment and also have a successful economy?

Come and join the discussion!