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Unlocking the Job Potential of Zero Carbon
Published by Green European Foundation

By Thu 13 Jun 2019Publications

Unlocking the Job Potential of Zero Carbon is published by Green European Foundation as a result of the GEF transnational project “Strengthening Climate Targets, Creating Local Climate Jobs”, conducted with its partners Green House Think Tank (United Kingdom), Ecopolis (Hungary) and Green Foundation Ireland.

Meeting the challenge of climate change requires structural changes to the economy so that it is no longer dependent on fossil fuels: we need to reduce overall energy use and ensure that all the energy that we do use is from renewable sources. This will require the creation of a large number of new jobs.

Green European Foundation, with the support of Green House Think Tank, has developed a model to estimate the number of jobs that would be created in key sectors of the economy, to not only demonstrate that a transition is achievable but to also show where those jobs will be.

This model has been applied to the United Kingdom, as well as to Ireland (with the support of Green Foundation Ireland) and to Hungary (with the support of Ökopolisz Alaptivány). The methodology used in that work and its results are presented in this report.

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