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Volume 19

By Wed 18 Mar 2020Green European Journals

A WORLD ALIVE: Green Politics in Europe and Beyond

This edition maps the different worlds of green politics today, exploring the movements and ideas driving its development. Zooming out, the edition asks what wider changes in politics and society mean for political ecology as it faces interlocking environmental and social crises in the 21st century.

As much as a way of understanding the world as a movement to change it, political ecology is on the rise. A reckoning with our society’s position in a wider ecological system is taking place. Faced with irrevocable damage that makes life everywhere more insecure, from Italy to Finland, people are organising for a change of course at the ballot box and through insurgent street protests. From concepts such as ecofeminism and the Green New Deal to questions of narrative and institutional change, this edition maps the forces, strategies, and ideas that will power political ecology, across Europe as around the world. The 2020s can be a decade of change for the better, or the worse. Every political force will have something to say on what were once green issues. A diverse movement with a unique approach to society and politics, as this edition shows, Greens will be central to the fight for a sustainable and just future.