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By Thu 13 Jun 2024July 24th, 2024Green European Journals

AT THE EDGE: Frontiers of Climate Adaptation

Adaptation is today’s buzzword in climate discussions. From workers’ rights to questions of wellbeing, redistribution, global resource justice, and energy and food security, adjusting to the impacts of climate change is fraught with difficult political choices. As the world’s fastest-warming continent and due to its historical responsibility for climate change, Europe is a frontier of adaptation in more ways than one. Within the green movement, however, the idea of managing climate risk is associated with defeatism: Why strive to live with a reality of destruction and inequality instead of changing it?

By critiquing examples of maladaptation and showcasing stories of transformative change, this edition aims to come to terms with climate adaptation from a green perspective – that is, to sketch out the visionary political project that must underlie any credible attempt to “stay with the trouble”.