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The Burren, Ireland

15, 16 and 17 Feb 2013

By Fri 15 Feb 2013April 3rd, 2020CLIMATE CHANGE, Events

This event is now over.

The Climate Gathering is an ambitious initiative to accelerate transformational change in how we approach the challenges of stabilising the climate and sustaining prosperity in the face of environmental limits. Through a series of annual gatherings in the west of Ireland, it will create an interdisciplinary network of political, business, scientific and cultural leaders who are impatient for progress and who recognise that political and cultural fears are the greatest obstacle to such a change.

An initial gathering of the core network will take place over four days in February 2013 in a unique location in the west of Ireland.

The project is an initiative of Green Foundation Ireland and is supported by the Tony Ryan Trust.

Why the need for this initiative?
Our use of the planet’s resources is threatening our future prosperity. We are not responding quickly enough to this challenge. We need to make a leap that takes us beyond the current efforts to agree a global emissions deal, towards the practical business of creating a low-carbon economy. There are leaders in all walks of life in Europe and the US who are impatient to get on with this task. The Climate Gathering will bring them together.

What is The Climate Gathering?
The Gathering will create a safe space where the obstacles to change can be analysed and better understood. It will take on the task of creating a new narrative for change that can take root on both sides of the Atlantic, which can provide a powerful impetus to global action. It will develop an interdisciplinary network of leaders who will take this task on into the future.

Where will it take place?
Ireland, at the meeting point of east and west, can serve as the ideal location for such a gathering. It can offer a unique environment away from the usual venues of formal climate and economic talks, and a history of creativity in solving problems and mediating differences.

When will it take place?
The Gathering will take place once a year from 2013 to 2015, in step with the current phase of international talks to obtain a global deal on climate change. The annual gatherings will be complemented by an ongoing process of developing a network.

Who will participate?
100-150 political, scientific, business and cultural leaders, including ordinary people who are working towards change, will be invited to participate. They will be facilitated by the foundation organisers, including experts on climate policy, conflict resolution and alternative problem-solving.

The project is being developed by a partnership led by Green Foundation Ireland, and including:

Dr Colin Brown, Director, Ryan Institute for Environmental, Marine and Energy Research, NUI Galway;
Peter Cassells, Director, Edward M Kennedy Institute for Conflict Intervention, NUI Maynooth;
Prof Frank Convery, Earth Institute, UCD;
Turlough O’Donnell, Senior Counsel, former Chair of the Bar Council of Ireland;
Eamon Ryan, former Minister for Energy in the Irish Government.

Development of the project has been supported by seed funding from the Tony Ryan Trust.

Project Consultant: Ryan Meade
Funding: Tony Ryan Trust